Our warranty provider, Dealer Care Warranties, will provide you with a policy that is designed to offer similar protection to that which the manufacturer would have supplied when the vehicle was new. The protection is against mechanical and electrical breakdown and provides you with peace of mind if any unforeseen issues arise with your car.

The following components are protected against mechanical failure (as defined elsewhere in this document). Please note that if a part is not specifically listed it is therefore not covered.


  • big end bearings
  • con rods
  • crankshaft
  • camshaft
  • cam followers
  • cylinder bores
  • cylinder head (excluding cracks)
  • distributor drive
  • flywheel
  • main bearings
  • inlet valves
  • exhaust valves
  • valve guides
  • pistons and rings
  • tappet gear
  • timing gears
  • chains
  • starter ring gear
  • oil pump
  • gudgeon pins
  • small end bearings
  • valve springs
  • valve collets
  • rocker shafts
  • all internal bushings

Excluding lubricants and filter elements.


  • gears
  • synchromesh hubs
  • selectors
  • shafts
  • input shaft
  • layshaft
  • mainshaft reverse idler gear
  • reverse idler shaft
  • selector shafts and selector forks
  • bearings and bushes

Excluding any external linkages.


  • clutch plate
  • clutch cover
  • thrust bearing and or release bearing

Excluding external linkages and burnt out parts. Limited to one clutch repair during the Policy period.

Automatic Transmission

  • gears
  • clutches
  • brake bands
  • valve block
  • oil pump
  • drive plate
  • pinion carrier
  • sun gear
  • reverse sun gear
  • internal shafts
  • unidirectional clutch
  • bearings and bushes

Excluding external linkages, adjustments and electrics.

Torque Convertor

  • casings
  • impellor
  • blades, master splines and drive


  • gears
  • shafts
  • bearings and bushes

Excluding external linkages, adjustments and electrics.


  • crown wheel and pinion
  • gears
  • shafts
  • bearings and bushes
  • planet gears
  • planet carriers
  • thrust washers


  • Propshaft including universal joints and bearings

Drive Shafts

  • Half shafts
  • front and rear wheel external drive shafts
  • universal joints
  • constant velocity joints and couplings, but excluding rubber boots

Cooling System

  • Water pump
  • thermostat and head gasket

All other parts and damage caused by overheating, frost, or as a result of lack of anti-freeze are excluded.


  • Starter motor
  • alternator.

All other parts associated with the electrical system are specifically excluded.

Braking System

  • Servo unit
  • master cylinder


  • Casings are covered if they have been damaged by any of the listed parts

Further upgraded warranties are available on request.