Looking after your car through a National Lockdown

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Since the lockdown in March last year, millions of drivers have used their cars far less than normal which is impacting them negatively.

With the recent government announcement we are being asked to stay at home once again, which means most of us will be using our cars a lot less and in some cases not at all. Consequently, if you are using your car less and only making short trips, your car might not start when you need it most. Therefore National Car Finder has compiled some top tips to ensure your car stays healthy during lockdown.


Car owners often neglect their tyres until it is suddenly too late – It is crucial that you regularly check both the condition and pressure of your car tyres. Before any journey, you should look for any noticeable damage to your tyres such as cracking in the sidewall, with any visible damage meaning you may have to change them.

Once you have done this you should then check the pressure in each of your tyres before you drive. It’s quite possible that tyres could have gone down if your car hasn’t been used. You can check them yourself at home with a tyre pressure gauge or at your nearest filling station. If they’ve gone down you’ll need to inflate to them to the recommended levels outlined in your vehicle handbook, which will list the required pressures based on the sort of loads you expect to be carrying.

Car Batteries – Keep Yours Healthy

It was reported that RAC patrol vehicles dealt with more at home flat car batteries than ever in 2020 – Without being used regularly, car batteries lose charge meaning they may not have enough power to start your engine. This is often likely to be the case if your recent journeys have been short or you have an older car.

Here are a few of our top tips for keeping your battery going:


1. Check the Acid Level

2. Change every 4 years

3. Conduct a Battery load test

4. Drive your car as often as possible – even you aren’t necessarily going                         anywhere

5. Get a Trickle Charger – This will give your battery a small amount of charge to ensure it doesn’t go flat.

Oil, coolant, washer fluid and lights

These are often common checks on your car however if you are using it less these are things you should be keeping an eye out for. You should check for things like your oil level being too low or whether all your lights are working properly before you start driving a regular amount again.

Top up your:

  • oil, but only after safely draining used oil and its corrosive elements. Don’t forget to take your car on a decent journey so that the fresh oil can circulate around the engine
  • fuel, to prevent moisture from accumulating in the tank and rust developing. Adding fuel stabiliser will extend its lifespan too
  • coolant
  • window wash

Arrange breakdown Cover

Finally, car owners often have the mindset of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ which more

often than not ends up with a breakdown – If this happens it is crucial you have a

form of Breakdown cover ready to help you in an emergency.


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