Planning the ultimate UK staycation this year? Don’t leave home without giving your car the full once over with our checklist

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Planning the ultimate UK staycation this year? Don’t leave home without giving your car the full once over with our checklist

It’s what everyone has been waiting for…the end of Covid measures is nearly here and the summer getaway is on the horizon. If you are like us, you will have been busy making plans up to your eyeballs and more than anything that longed-for holiday. However, unlike previous years where many of us would be jetting off to sunny locations around the world, 2021 is the year of the staycation! With this comes the travel aspect, and more often than not you will be spending long periods in your car. Therefore, National Car Finder has put together a handy checklist for you to ensure your safety.

Tyre Pressure

– Having the correct pressure in your tyres is essential; it ensures your car can brake, grip and steer properly. In fact, if even one tyre is slightly over or under-inflated it can have a big impact on how your car drives, so it’ss always worth taking the time to check before you set off on your staycation

Oil Level

– Oil is vital to keeping your car's engine running smoothly, and that’s why it is vital that you keep it topped up. Nobody wants to be stranded at the side of the road and this simple pre-journey check could prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. Often, newer cars will make you aware if your oil level is too low. However, if you have a slightly older car, you can do a simple check with a dipstick.

Windscreen wipers and screen wash

– A clear view of the road ahead is, of course, a must, no matter the length of your
journey. It is therefore crucial that you check your windscreen wipers for any wear and tear and replace them if needed, as well as making sure your screenwash is topped up, so you can tackle any dirt or inclement weather on the move.


– Before you set off on your staycation be sure to check your lights. You’ll need them in full working condition, not only so you’ll be able to see what’s ahead, but so other road users will see you coming and know what your intentions are. Not only check they are working, but check they are clean and not dimmed.

Fuel Level

– It may sound obvious however, running out of fuel on a road trip is more of a
common occurrence than you would think. So, take the time to fill up before you set
off and it could save you a real headache later. That way you’ll be able to enjoy your journey without constantly checking the fuel gauge.

So that’s it! Just a few simple checks before you head out will ensure your holiday gets off to the best possible start.

And who knows… you might even enjoy the journey!

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